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About Sheba
About Sheba
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הרצאות מומחים בפרויקט ח''ץ

Elad Peleg - Business Intelligence

Dr. Tomer Ziv-Baran, , Statistical Consulta, Tel-Aviv University, Statistics – what you need to know before you start your research

Data imperialism

Management of Digital Assets in Organizations

Important mechanisms and physicians response to Drug-drug interactions

Healthcare Inefficiency: Is it a Chronic Disease?

The Transgender Adolescent

Design thinking for innovation

Ori Liran

Epidemiological-Statistical Consulting for Medical Research

Personl communication - Doctor patient encounter

Medical Genetics 2014- From the patient to the laboratory and back to the patient

MRI: Applications in Neuroscience

Innovation @ Leadership Michal Hemmo Lotem, MD Vice President for Innovation, Sheba Medical Center

Geography is destiny

An unexpected side effect

Prescribers response and clinical outcomes of severe drug-drug interactions

Incorporating research into medical studies

Micro-RNAs as Biomarkers for Myocardial Damage after Cardiac Surgery in Children

The Fetal Liver Venous Perfusion in Normal and Growth Restricted Fetuses

Developing and validating the use of microRNA biomarkers for risk stratification of Non Muscle Invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) patients

Quantitative EEG in Pediatric Epilepsies

The Metabolic Syndrome

Introduction to Gerontology

Language pathways in healthy and clinical populations

Blood pressure – a window of opportunitie

Professionalism in medicine


The Alzheimer's Association of Israel-Emda

Quantifying metamorphopsia in patients with macular abnormalities

PAR-1 on the Astrocyte End Foot A New Target for Pharmacological Intervention in Neurological Diseases

Improving drug safety in a large tertiary hospital-The Sheba experience

Medical Professionalism

Medical Safety summary

A 30 yo Woman with Cardio-respiratory Collapse after Dilataion & Curettage for Missed Abortion

Brain Food

The Statistical Working Process

Gene expression and protein protein interactions in autoimmune diseases

Prezi Program

Research Methods

Computerized Gait&Balance Analysis

Locoregional Recurrence patterns in colon cancer surgery

The Q703K Variant in Autoinflammatoty Disoreders and Multiple Sclerosis

Novel technique for non-invasive mapping of the location and function of Melanopsin- containing retinal ganglion cells in eyes of healty volunteers and Glaucoma patients

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